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Internship at a small hedge fund

Hi everyone,

I am an international student in a non-target school MS-finance program in the US pursuing a career in equity research. I have a summer internship offer from a small (capped at $250 MM) long-short small-mid cap focused hedge fund in upstate new york. 

My initial plan was to break into the sell side and then try to move to buy side after a few years, but luckily I landed this internship. Given that I am an international and have never worked in the US, what I want to understand is how valuable is an experience in a small fund? If I would want to move to a bigger fund later on, mainly because of the need for visa sponsorship, will this experience help me do that?

I would really appreciate your guys help.

It should be helpful

My situation is the same dude. Visa sponsorship is our target aim. What I can suggest is to try to find companies that have already sponsored working visas. There is a website where you can look up how many visas the company sponsored and what positions, and then start targeting those companies.

This seems like a good start.

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Fantastic internship. Do anything they say and work hard. Always ask questions. 

Really a good opportunity there.

wow really great start!! 

very good news (not common) thread on AF!!

Keep up whatever you’re doing

Be yourself. The world worships the original.

Thank you so much for your replies.