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Research Analyst Scheme Or LBS MFA Offer?

I graduated from a university with a major in economics 2 years ago in Asia. After that, I joined HSBC’s graduate scheme and found myself more interested in equity research so that I joined a hedge fund as a research analyst.

Recently I secured a job at a AMC with top 10 AUM globally (consider Blackrock, Fidelity…). The job provides opportunities to rotate over different countries as a research analyst, which is exactly what I want to do. The vacancy is also very competitive, with only 1 person was selected from the 300+ candidate pool.

However, I also received an offer, Masters in Financial Analysis at London Business School. The programme is designed for recent graduates with less than 2 years of work experience. I do realize that an MBA degree is more valuable, and yet as I have less experience, the MFA degree is the best option I can have currently.

I think a master’s degree from a prestigious business school could give me the chance to work in countries outside of my country, but the research analyst position at the large buyside company seems to be a good path too. I would like to hear from you whether you think I should go for the job or the degree? Or should I go for the job for several years and apply for an MBA afterward? Thank you very much.

Will you be working in a research analyst role?  If so, take the job and apply for an MBA in a few years.

I’m not a fan of these watered down MFA type programs, I think they’re just designed for people that couldn’t land the MBA but want to pay money for a brand name and most recruiters / hiring firms aren’t fooled, you tend to wind up in purgatory.

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take the job 100%

Be yourself. The world worships the original.

Thank you for the suggestion!

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