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Analyst to Developer need advice

Hi, I’ve been out of the CFA community for a long time. Ever since the financial crisis I’ve been having a hard time getting back as an analyst. I’m currently a developer at a hedge fund. Ideally I’d like to become a quant dev. I’m also pursuing part time master in financial math, almost done. My current role bores me, building systems for researchers. I self taught everything in programming but I realized my c#/c++ ain’t that awesome to be building speedy trading systems for traders  

At this point in life, I honestly do not know what else to do. I’m planning to take level 3, as you can see I’ve been out for almost 10 years on AF. Pretty depressed  

I think times have changed. More analyst position requirements some development skills. But I’m not fully aware in what roles.

Thank you for your time and feedback. 

What program are you attending for your master’s? How did you become a “developer” while self teaching yourself coding? What is your educational background?

If your goal is to get more quantitative and analytical work, you need a transition step, which seems like an MFE for you.

If your master’s program doesn’t have recruiting, it’s worthless and you need to go to NYU, Carnegie Mellon or something. 

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I agree with what Ohai said.

Keep in mind, the grass is always greener, there’s a high likelihood you will struggle attempting to find roles in research and find them not as interesting as you’d hoped.

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