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Need you opinion

I have an personnel meeting scheduled.

The meeting is pretty important and most likely difficult. 

I have omitted further details to avoid being tracked… one never knows…

Hmm, never hurts to have a lawyer.  Also, you are right, that lawyer is not on your side, do not make the mistake of assuming a lawyer paid by anyone else is representing anybody but the paying party.  Hard to offer anything else without knowing the nature of the meeting.

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Agree with black swan.

cfaonceagain2019 wrote:

Do you have ideas how to insure myself against lies? The situation has been pretty infectious lately. It is like you are being pushed out. Obviously I can keep quiet but who guarantees that wrong words would not be attributed to myself? 

Record the meeting. Your phone can probably do it, or failing that, buy a small recorder and put it in your pocket

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