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Need you opinion

I have an personnel meeting scheduled.

The meeting is pretty important and most likely difficult. 

I have omitted further details to avoid being tracked… one never knows…

Hmm, never hurts to have a lawyer.  Also, you are right, that lawyer is not on your side, do not make the mistake of assuming a lawyer paid by anyone else is representing anybody but the paying party.  Hard to offer anything else without knowing the nature of the meeting.

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Agree with black swan.

cfaonceagain2019 wrote:

Do you have ideas how to insure myself against lies? The situation has been pretty infectious lately. It is like you are being pushed out. Obviously I can keep quiet but who guarantees that wrong words would not be attributed to myself? 

Record the meeting. Your phone can probably do it, or failing that, buy a small recorder and put it in your pocket

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Thanks for your words of advise. 

The conversation went ok actually. I chose to listen and listened. 

In the end I was told we had a great dialogue and that is exactly the point-). We had a monologue where I had no say. And that is how it will be continuing from now on. Am I making it up? A few days later I attempted a follow-up that was blocked on the go.

Basically, I am confronted with the information in form of rumors I can not confirm. The old game of playing many sides against each other where some facts do not match and where cross-checking is most likely the highest risk activity one can imagine. At least at this point. It is the conclusion I have made based on pure facts.

Extremely infectious, counterproductive environment.  It is what psychologists call the dead end. I am playing it over and over, yet it feels like a padded room with no doors in windows, left at mercy of the corporate puppeteer.

It is very hard to let go of immense personal commitment and quality work invested. But, let’s face it: during my tenure at this place, I have set up the processes needed for a smooth operation, the rest is attributing it to the ones whom they make it happen for and who behaved and were treated like crowned princes from the very start. Limited thinking? Definitely. Sufficient to accomplish corporate goals? Probably. To meet personal goals? Hell yes.

So, I would have to get over it. 

If you guys have an idea of how to resolve situations with a web of intrigues, please let me know.