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Career Switch at 30 - Switch to VC from research?

Hello guys and gals,

I just turned 30 and have been in equity research for 4+ years - was looking for some career advice. I feel very much stuck in my current role (equity research), terrible hours low pay. However, when I look at options in Asset Management, things dont seem great there as well with ETFs killing mutual funds.

My ideal goal would be to move to growth equity or VC shop, but I am not getting much traction there. I was wondering if I am being unrealistic in my goals or if there is a something I should try to maximize my opportunities to move to VC?

Behan ji, lagta hain aap aatak gaye.

Are you in India? 

No, the United States.

To be honest, without significant deal experience you have a very minimal chance of getting into VC or PE. I mean, they mostly hire people from IB because they get client-facing time and hiring managers already know them so it is not impossible for you to get in but very unlikely. What’s wrong with ER? I’m 32 and I’m trying to break into ER. 

Another thing about the VC or PE is that if you are not a salesperson then you have no upward mobility in that game because after analyst role you will need source deals which I mean aka is sales. If you can’t source deals because you are some Indian introvert or stuck up analyst type person then you will be let go. ER is best for you. 

No offence but 32 at ER is not the place you want to be. The industry is dying and hours are just getting longer

I don’t mind hours as long as i’m adding value and learning new things. I don’t plan to stay in research forever and so I would probably move over to F&P or a Fund focused on debt investments. I’ve got technology, deal and credit work experience so after few years in research I can open up a lot more options for myself. I’ll be very honest with you. PE or VC isn’t happening for you unless you have a solid deal experience because those guys won’t hire someone they don’t know or have never worked with on a deal before. Your best bet would be either stick with research or move over to F&P. Don’t complain about salary. You only get what you deserve and for introverts market is getting tougher unless you are in tech.