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Family business job title

 I have been running our own family business for the past three years. My duties included accounting and also managing the business. For example finding drivers, finding work, updating customers, Billing customers and also preparing financial statements.

Now now, I am looking to apply for a accountant or financial analyst positions and I cannot seem to title my position with my family business on my resume, To get recruiters interested. 

What do you guys suggest?


Or change your title based on the job you’re applying for. It’s not a lie. If you ran everything, including all financial aspects, you are the CFO, or anything else you want to be.

I agree. You do all jobs, you have the right to any title.  Pull job descriptions from each title to see what you do. Business Manager is also good. It covers alot and may be seen a more humble than CFO. Also, you don’t want to be passed over because you may be “too experienced”. Some of the feeble minded might feel threatened. 

For me, I’ve been going by as President for the last few years. In my last business I took on Managing Director. Before I was CEO but I was young and that title doesn’t work well with someone so young. So, Managing Director seemed more humble and palatable. 

Sometimes I just go as Financial Planner or Consultant. That’s about marketing. 

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Well, Sara Grillo called herself managing director of her blog. So there is that. 

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I like the idea of looking at job descriptions. Maybe VP of Finance

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I met a guy who had a job title Master of the Universe. May fit here 

Late to the party on this one, but my brother ran into this when trying to translate his experience within the family business to finding employment elsewhere.  There’s nothing wrong or dishonest about giving yourself any title you choose, but be careful of being to grand if the company is not large enough to justify it (for most people attempting to leave a family business it is not large enough to justify it, otherwise there would be no point in leaving).  There is no need to sell yourself short either, definitely stand up for your experience but its finding the right balance that can be tricky.  The transition from small family business to the broader professional market can be difficult since its always tough to analyze from the recruiter’s point of view how legitimate your background is since the employment was not arms length.

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