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Career Guidance - Switching from Marketing to Finance


I am reaching out to you as I am looking for some career advice. I have been working in a leading global consulting firm, within the Digital field, for two years, after gaining a Master Degree in Marketing Management from Milan’s Bocconi University.

I am highly motivated in moving into the investment management field, even though I am aware that it is not an easy job due to the nature of my degree and the lack of professional experience in that field. Therefore, I am considering which option might be better suited to my goal. Can the CFA L1 be a good starting point for an entry-level position in the investment management field? Do you think CFA would be useless without a Finance Degree? I was also considering MBA, but for many reason (first of all, fees) I would prefer the CFA path.

Thank you in advance.

I would contact your local CFA Society and ask them. Also, reach out to your professors. They may have an idea of how to transition. They might know about some opportunities. Generally, you will have to use your network and marketing skills to change over. You have to convince finance hiring managers that you know and care about finance and that you can be good at it.  CFA L1 is a start but your chances are based on your local market.

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