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Best way to find a job in NYC?

I’d love to move back to the big Apple to be next to my parents.

I miss em.

Obviously the job needs to be in finance - I don’t care what the actual job is in the slightest, just want to move back. 

Sales would be dope though.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It be like that sometimes.

Not really sure why people want to live in NYC.

I’ve been to ****holes, ****holes that are developing and advanced cities but NYC is probably the only city that is a ****hole but has somehow brainwashed its people into believing they are living in the ‘greatest city on earth’. They will try their best to convince you of this as they catch a 1 hr drive home to live in  a cockroach infested apartment because they’ve been priced out of the city and the subway line is closed because of some homeless man taking a **** on the tracks.

What a city!

CEO10K-DAY wrote:

Sales would be dope though.

We’re almost always hiring in NY. We just filled a position but others are opening up before year-end. We can chat about it offline if you want.

Check LinkedIn - most postings from the major banks and hedge funds are there, and this is the best hiring environment for sell-side and buy-side equity roles I have seen in many years, due t least in part to  outperformance from both asset managers and hedge funds this year.