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CFA and CPA combo to get job?

so I’m thinking of going for a cpa license as well as CFA title (or at least passing a couple exams and putting that on resume). but I hear that this isn’t enough to get a job as a financial analyst. (my understanding is that investment banking needs you to have a degree from a high tier school and networking and is just generally hard to get into, so I’m looking at corporate finance). along with some accounting experience I figure that has to account for something when applying. but what do you guys think? any experience with this?

cpa is better than cfa in that regard. most cos love ppl with big 4 exp. so if ur willing to do 60 hr weeks in audit for a few years, you should be good. shes in corp finance as a diretctor. netting 160k + stock options. woth maybe 40k per year right now. could be more.

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