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CFA letters on resume?

Hey Guys,

Do you put the 3 letters after your name on your resume?

I mean John Smith, CFA. Or just John Smith and you have under education the completed CFA program.

I know that I can put it on my business card or business related signature and LinkedIn but I’m unsure about my resume.

I put it on my resume, top of the page, right after my name.

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Uhh, I’ve just removed them and sent the CV. I put the same question on the Level III Forum, and I got the advice it would be bragging.

Well, my only reason would have been some distinction from the mass, but now I will not have that distinction.

Otherwise would be good to know some consensus view on this.

You absolutely put it after your name. A hiring manager or HR may get hundreds or even thousands of resumes for a job posting. You need to stand out as much as possible. 

Don’t listen to the people in the L3 forum. Most of them are unemployed 24 year olds.

I have it beside my name on the resume, but only the CFA, putting MBA after your name is probably the worst thing you can do.  You should limit it to one set of letters, which ever is most relevant, as long as that set of letters is never MBA.  Everywhere besides the resume though (linkedin, email signatures, business cards, etc) I have no letters behind my name, there I do feel like its sort of lame.  A lot of people do it, I just prefer not to.

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OK thanks guys. My goal really is to stand out as I intend to move away from my current work and get Interviews. 

Yes I agree on MBA as there are so many no name MBA courses all over the world. 

put your name and cfa behind it , then again under certifications note “charterholder” with the cfa logo

Some people will not know about the cfa, but they will respect your determination if they have gone through the program. Especially if they never finished.