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Should I relocate before securing a job?

Hello, I am looking for some career advice. 

So my situation now: I passed CFA level III this June, and I have taken CPA final examination this September. The CPA mark will release at the end of November. I will be a CPA when I pass the exam.

I am located in a very small town in Canada, and I wish to relocate to Toronto (literally) very soon. I would love to switch career from purely accounting to finance to use the knowledge I have learned in CFA. However, there is no CFA networking opportunities in the small town, but I have not secured a job in Toronto yet (actively looking though). I found out it is very difficult to find job in new location and new career path without networking.

So my question is, should I relocate to Toronto to make networking before securing a job there? And do you have any website that you recommend that financial professional looking for job opportunities?


Do you live in Letterkenny?

Nope… Actually I have never heard of that place..

Sweep the Leg wrote:

Do you live in Letterkenny?