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Is CFA work experience acceptable in PFP or CFP ?

Hi Friends,

I have around 5 years of work experience in India (non IIROC firm) and looking to get a job in Canada.
My experience is in fundamental equity research and was looking to get some licenses/designations (I have cleared the CSC recently and yet to do the CFA level III) here in Canada but it seems that my experience does’nt count towards claiming anything for PFP or CFP…can anyone guide please ?

The CFP recently changed its program requirements that will take effect January 2020, and its a more recognized designation (publicly) vs. the PFP. If you are going to do one, I would suggest the CFP. (I have both designations, but the banks/brokerages etc. prefer the CFP). 

You should check the FP Canada (recent name change) website to determine how the CFA designation would allow you to be exempt from any courses etc for the CFP program, but you will still need to satisfy the work experience requirement, in addition to a ethics exam. (Start with the FAQ)

Hi Mike,

Thank you so much for your reply. seems that you are going from CFP to CFA while I am doing it the other way round.
From what I read of the website, they mention experience post CFP exam completion. It’s a maze with many many paths.

My best shot is to get into a role with the CSC, since my equity research experience wont be counted for now.

Please suggest if otherwise.


Well in your original post, you didn’t mention the types of roles you are looking for. So, its difficult to say how the PFP or CFP will help you find a job that you are looking for, that matches your skill set and work experience. 

I work in wealth management, and am currently enrolled in the TEP program. I’ve put the CFA program on hold for now, as I already hold the CIM designation via CSI. I may come back to it at some point, although I am getting older.