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CFA + LLM (Specialization In Financial Law)

Hello All,

Hope you are doing well!

I am a finance professional with a Bachelors in Business Administration degree and CFA charterholder. In order to progress further in my career and expand my skill set, I am looking to do LLM with a specialization in Banking and Finance.

I am based out of Pakistan and I have to eventually move to Canada in next two years. I am considering a distance learning program of LLM with specialization in Banking and Finance from University of London. I need some insight regarding how does the English law vary from Canadian laws specifically related to Banking and Finance. Is there a lot of variation between the two such that 2 years later when I enter Canada this degree and legal knowledge will not have much application? I am not going for Canadian law schools because the cost is too high for international students.

Secondly, any idea regarding what positions CFA+LLM has in the canadian job market? Is it applicable enough or going for LLM is just a waste of money? The courses that I am looking are:

Law of International Finance : Syndicated Loans
Derivatives Law
Corporate Finance and management issues in company law
Corporate Governance and Compliance
Law of International Project Finance
Securities Law

Thanks in advance.

Sounds like you should find a law forum.

“Visit the Water Cooler forum on Analyst Forum. It is the best forum.”
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Yeah, law forum probably your best bet.  My general guess at this is you want to pursue a law degree in the country you intend to be working in and that most roles that require a law background will opt for people with a full doctoral law degree (like the JD in the US) versus a masters in law.

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