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I’m sure you can extrapolate a range but would you tell someone “I got an 83% on the CFA exam”? It’s flat out not true.

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CzarHC Wrote:
> I’m sure you can extrapolate a range but would you
> tell someone “I got an 83% on the CFA exam”? It’s
> flat out not true.

Of course not, but I’ve also done a lot dumber things at bars. Perhaps she was just testing our paperboy here.

Paperboy usually delivers the goods from what i’ve seen.

Thats 6 years too.


"good personality ... or he was known as Lt. Mandingo during his army days."

I just remembered this one time at a bar when I ran into a girl who looked down her nose when I approached her and sternly said she worked in banking. Upon talking with her further (and sharing my employment situation), I found out she was a loan officer at a local community bank.

Sometimes you just need to trudge through the snow to get to the cabin.

and sometimes you gotta slay a few dragons to get to the princess

It’s a good thing that we’re here on Analyst Forum, where no one ever exaggerates their jobs, earnings, or credentials.

She was sh*tting you because she wanted to hold a conversation and eventually bang you. You failed.

^ Sorry mate but i gotta agree with slash here.


edgeraz Wrote:
> MattLikesAnalysis Wrote:
> ————————————————–
> —–
> > seriously though, they’d probably be better off
> > eating the soap for the fat content rather than
> > using it for cleaning…
> ignorant indeed. HIV/AIDS is not the only disease
> spread in developing economies, they suffer from
> diseases like cholera, dengu, malariya and a ton
> of hygiene related issues. I have seen people
> using mud to wash their hands and
> utensils(sometimes not even using that),Obv soap
> cannot be compared at the same level like
> providing food and drinking water, but it can
> surely help in tackling & raising hygiene related
> awareness.

its not ignorant at all. i’m seriously asking the question. would it be better for them to eat the soap? it’d save what, 20,000 lives per day from lack of food, there’s no way soap consumption is going to kill that many per day. and like i said, i doubt a standard bar of soap would be able to stand up or put a dent in cholera and the other super-diseases out there anyway..