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The Legend of qqqbee

If I don’t pass L3, I think I’ll ask for a retabulaction.

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OMG HAHAHAHAHA IM DYING!!! Someone email him tell him to get back here now!


Rumor is they gave him honorary CFA 

Story goes he’s writing CFA II in South Africa under the witness protection program.
No one can ban qqqbee. He lives in people’s hearts!

The emperor who actually conqured The CFA Institute. I’m sure the guys at the institute would still be getting bad dreams of the saga. 

We should get some inspiration from The Legend qqqbee! Even to enemies people are more kind. 

Truely missing the thread. Would have given joy of life!

Good luck CFAI, hope you never be graced with such an auspicious presence…

I heard someone from AF was so impressed with this legend, that he went to Taiwant and met him. Don’t know what happened in the meeting. He started this thread:

QQQBee once said on AF “to hate a cab driver is to hate yourself”

There was another god on AF, that Phill Plat dude or whatever…

btw, could find some of the precious messages of qqqbee. Priceless and epic. See them below:


2010/8/26 FONG YI LIAO

Hello Kevin: This is I wrote to my American friends and she introduced me to this site for help! Perhaps my English is really bad; because I am still learning; but they run into this problem I can not handle me English. bad not understand ~ ~ ~ I am attaching me to write a protest letter in English and photos case I believe you will be more about the case ~ ~ ~

Miss Luo Hello:

Daan member of the Church, my name is Liao Fengyi the clergywoman mother should have to introduce you to me, I have seen you twice, one of which you have the impression that I guess is to eat at the noodle shop with go to church at noon behind face! I talk to you financial problems that a community green. I now consider the CFA (chartered financial analyst) but I this was our God, pity chose this is that one ten thousandth of the “lucky children “TT Unfortunately my CFA exams a big problem, my grades in the computer database of chronological disorder but because the United States may be standard operating process execution surface is not complete, so my complaints standardization process delays and create a great injustice, and perhaps the problems of the class of the scandal, but the CFA Society of the examination center and do not want to admit it! I feel very strange, so I may have to please CFA chief executive or director you want to call to find one of them to understand the problem and I will elaborate on the whole situation and the need to pay attention! ^ ^

Point in time sequence described, you may be easier to understand the situation:

1.2009 in June, I test the first time the CFA Level 1, the exam is completed in August results would be released to get the results surprised all the minimum, all modules in the correct rate, and the lowest score of all failed candidates, then I think this is going on? has done nothing of this fraction! and 3 a multiple-choice questions! will not be so miserable? I will write that although the test is not very good guess and plus write the correct rate at least There are several modular block would be greater than half of the correct rate is basically the examination light with guessing probability of 33% correct rate of take-off! an average of 70% of the correct rate of the examination, you can pass the examination.

2 I write the past is not my foul or offending like the CFA Society of said violation. I would also like to test, so they re-register the second CFA exam in December 2009 Level 2. that I did not go to write a good check; bad luck to cause later problems.

I read once, this time to spend 600 hours, I think I am going to be very complete, no problem; go test was very well written, I estimate the correct rate of all modules; average conservative estimate of 80% or more! About average about 83% accuracy rate! so it can be stable over the exam! I can be sure; because the topics I write; I understand that the examination of the actual situation; test the number of points, my heart has a spectrum of particular checked the answer card and did not draw the wrong class! I was very careful attention to the problem the error rate in me said no, because I exam in June last afraid to, so this time I put together all noticed ~~ I bet by the examination you have to believe me ^ ^

Released at the end of January 2010 (4) later God! How can this miserable? Calculate the correct rate of only about 57%; I would like a day does not feel right; I like seems to be my last test results; correct rate distribution just expected my 2009 June; Later, I wrote the Examination Center of the CFA Institute said my grades were wrong! examinations the results of the wrong plant!

Later my examination center started reviewing; but their internal regulations up to 60 days, I can not stand Americans to make I’ll wait for two months; My question is very simple; do not have to 60 days; this problem to investigate; even International Examinations, two days can know!! So I am writing to tell them that the Society of itself in violation of ethics, efficiency, bad in violation of its own code of ethics set; them a few days as soon as the performance results with my return because I To test in June 2010 then the next stage of the module!

They finally admit their mistakes, said the poor efficiency of them have worked hard to help me arrange a week later, I received a reply they “hand check”, and said: Can not find the problem!! They can not find it does not mean there is no problem! ? So I go to protest, to call the U.S. CFA a very broken very broken English to communicate with them; they said that my condition up to 60 days to know where the problem point, so I very much believe what they say, they say call me to register the next CFA Level 1 exam, review the official results to help me turn Level 2, so I re-register the third test, I left and so on right until the end of March, a letter in the past and asked them to deal with the situation, and finally back to a letter they said that my scores are still no problem; then also find the internal legal adviser back to a regularization of the letter: they check!

Henceforth before and after consecutive wrote 31 letters to bombing the CFA Institute, said that their website database; last them to the end of April early May, the CFA web site the entire replace the revision, but still no changes two error results! So I wrote a letter CFA chief executive and all directors, I think it might be the chief executive of the problems behind the following to handle the letter was the following units to intercept; results to the translation of the other side claiming that the Law Center in May to call came over and said they were investigating the case; to status written in Chinese, sent to the examination center so I wrote a very detailed mail to go to the exam center! I think the legal center call How can return to be sent to the examination center! ? I think they simply lied to the center of the Legal Adviser of the translators? want to cover out! then write false reports up to the chief executive. later I never received any of them a letter! CFA If the examination fair has been questioned, will shock many people, so they want my fold; told me a similar problem on the site, I found a case I would annex (a) you!

I also very polite, they go too far, I wrote the CFA exam center may have the problem of internal fraud or tampering of the Examination results, hacking, or the CFA website is a problem with the database problem! directly at the beginning to pick white problem points! the other did not reply again; seems to go down the drain! I did not read the Level because I then prepare the second phase of Level 2; last June 2010 to go test a CFA Level 1, I did not read, forget a lot, but this is much more difficult than the previous two; also beyond the textbook exercises too much; test out almost six very, very agreeable to me this examination is expected so I confirmed that they data processing fixes; or I will receive the results of the last and they also know that the problem points, but they still did not amend the error results of the previous two! their CFA exam centers clearly indicated that the ship had no trace of water! want acquittal ~ ~ ~~

I say the truth and evidence; this point I would like to use as God’s sons and daughters of personality done to ensure

The following is my analysis:

I confirm the examination center to know the trouble spots; but they do not admit because of the site in my letter to repair and revision! I have the contact of the Chief Executive and all directors, the following group of people doing things; above not all! But I believe the CFA implementation of long-directors of them; are members of the CFA charter; However, examination center, they are just staff; not ready CFA membership! If you can find either a CFA member, tells me the situation; I may have hope! Unfortunately, my English listening and speaking stick, simply can not call to explain a letter last they came to nothing; never received a response? I do not know how to do? so need your help to find a chief executive or director of I, then I e-mails forwarded to them, confirm that they have received and processed for examination center, they can not lie to me; Of course, they can also fabricate the reason for the chief executive and directors, they are lying and even I may never have not been to the directors and CEO of the hands; the following units to intercept and hide out!! all the fraud is not true you?

I am a reasonable doubt the CFA examination center may have the problem of cheating in exams, exam exam cheating is too inefficient and susceptible to the package; directly in the website database to change results faster and more secure? May have internal staff to do so ; examination results data have been altered! so they dare not openly admit to the database; afraid to provoke further investigation of the implementation of the long-directors; lead to internal cheat firewall out of control!! Of course, they should not be silly, but also control pipes and Communications! of the representations, I wrote a bunch of very serious letter to the CFA Institute, but no one director or chief executive back the letter to me at least such a major issue; they should be expressing are investigating the kind of thing! ? I have received are the following unit personnel nonsense ~ ~ ~

(3) may also be the national conditions and culture different from ours; but I can confirm that no matter how different national conditions and culture; which constitute an attempt to cover up the truth; no respect for the candidates (consumers) rights and interests of! I do not think it had a petition protested; only I am so heavy artillery and to the point again and again to protest petition! but account exam results in only a few and may be coupled with the CFA Institute exams review of standardized operating (SOP) gap between process flaws and culture of national conditions, only to let this tragedy! but they know that understanding; not handle before Chen Ching-chilling! or strong to fight they will at? CFA Institute staff installed Phi very undisciplined idleness feeling!? I really do not know what Americans want? seems to put to use finished, error processing; threw me while continuing to walk their way to the feeling? really feel gas ~~

I also reasonable estimate I to the directors and executive contact information! That the above may not really play into the phone I guess!? If played through to people to find it very promising ! then please forward my e-letter! tell profiles! see how they deal with? Or you have better suggestions or approaches? because I am really not familiar with the United States and the language does not pass! or I must Call the past OOXXDD!

(5) If you play through the find! You can ask to have not seen or received similar letter!? If not it great!! Sure enough, the following units bully, but I really do not know how to find people!? This is the point!? you can call to try not to say it!? in case it can not get through; you may want to make a CFA switchboard; breaking in to find a chief executive or directors and senior contact one of the managers; looking for a more formal reason! For example: the Asia-Pacific in Hong Kong and Taiwan, this time invited to perform long for test communication and examination supervision to report directly to the invitation time and place of this sentence is truth but also reasonable to find himself, after the trouble you to tell what situation did not find that I do not give the letter is useless because of the lost of wrong, if not into that I think about how to! because people just can not figure in the world; did not take blocked the road! ^ ^

6 because I can not really fluent in listening and speaking English; also unfamiliar with the American side in place complaint avenues? Can give me advice? I start this letter to understand the situation to you; I first I give you a look at the contents of the letter of petition; tomorrow I will fix the content and the petition and all attachments are attached, you see how to deal with! Thank you ^ ^

What a legend :)

But I seriously feel sorry for him, hope he is doing well..

Best regards,


did he end up passing lvl 1?

The legend of qqqbee will still be told to CFA candidates 10 generations from now.

incredible. I sympathesize with his language skills but trying to read his posts makes my head hurt. 

I am not surprised at his Band0 given these samples of his writing ability.

"Verdict: TRUE" - Fact Check

Oh dear. T.T 


i feel like emailing him in Chinese now 

I really wonder how he is doing !…Maybe he has become one of the graders for CFA L3 exams :-)


You must be the square root of two cause i feel irrational around you

What was he doing as a job? Was he a student? I have a hard time picturing him working for anyone lol 

qqqbee is like the dark knight..we need him but don’t deserve him


You must be the square root of two cause i feel irrational around you

Qqqbee was working some kind of securities job. He posted everything that would ID him, like government issued ID,  his hong Kong. Security licenses, and a few others.   It was no joke, he was the real deal.   The fuel to the legend was really his atrocious broken English that people couldn’t make heads or tails from combined with his 100% belief the conspiracy was totally real.

The only way I got the story into manageable English was because I got a translator friend to decode his rant from Chinese.

Hope. It is the quintessential human delusion, simultaneously the source of your greatest strength, and greatest weakness.

What was his full name? Fong Yi Liao? I want to search for his legendary on Chinese website now … 

Ohhh I found the original Chinese version of mikeworld1976’s post above on google straight away! 

I had a huge headache when trying to read the English version so I gave up. 

Just skipped through the Chinese version, got the idea, but I’m still headachy. His Chinese writing skills are really pretty bad too…… 

So he’s a strong Christian too ……… 

This Kevin dude broke it down for our qqqbee!




第三:拿香港,新加坡,台灣的證書跟CFA比根本沒用。那些證書只要有CFA level 1 基本就不需考了。一個這麼有分量的credential你覺得會很好考嗎?




你要跟John Rogers投訴,可以打電話給他。我跟他在一個機會有聊過天,滿不錯的一個人。


You must be the square root of two cause i feel irrational around you

Yep, Kevin was frank and all correct. 

By the way, does anyone know if his English name is Philip?

haha you know qqqbee??!


You must be the square root of two cause i feel irrational around you

I’m an Internet stalking genius. I think I’ve found his Facebook. 

Well you have his full name and email,  it shouldn’t be too hard lol

Hope. It is the quintessential human delusion, simultaneously the source of your greatest strength, and greatest weakness.

Mojo.FA wrote:

I’m an Internet stalking genius. I think I’ve found his Facebook. 

share share share!


You must be the square root of two cause i feel irrational around you

Alladin wrote:

I really wonder how he is doing !…Maybe he has become one of the graders for CFA L3 exams :-)

I could only see about 5 public posts he’s posted recently on FB. Two were Chinese music videos/lyrics. The rest were about Taiwanese politics. He’s in support of Taiwan’s independence and against mainland China’s communist party government. I won’t say there’s anything wrong with that but i think he’s extreme in anything he’s interested in.One more conclusion: he’s still got broken English. (judging by only one English sentence I saw on his page) 



You must be the square root of two cause i feel irrational around you

He’s got like 1500 FB friends. Reckon he’d approve us? Lol

Alladin wrote:


Sounds cooler than CFA devil

iteracom wrote:

Well you have his full name and email,  it shouldn’t be too hard lol

I tried his full name in Chinese and English characters, didn’t find him. 

I had to use “CFA” too :) didn’t use email 

I wonder if his 1500 friends came from his AF fame…

Hope. It is the quintessential human delusion, simultaneously the source of your greatest strength, and greatest weakness.

iteracom wrote:

I wonder if his 1500 friends came from his AF fame…

I doubt it. They are overwhelmingly Taiwanese. The only book he reads is the bible (other than CFAI, hahah) 


Ramos4rm, CFA, CAIA


This QQQbee thing was the by far the best thing that ever happened on this forum while I was a CFA candidate.  I want everyone to always remember QQQbee.   

No Homo

chaddy wrote:

If I don’t pass L3, I think I’ll ask for a retabulaction.

It looks like you did lol