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New level 3 CFA soft cover books

Has anyone else received these books? They suck, as in the quality. I have barely opened mine and the edges are already ripping apart. Last year level 2 were a much better quality. I am disappointed cuz I am afraid my books will fall apart by may of next year. I didn’t bother purchasing the online material. 

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Agree, I am registered for level 1 in June 2013. I was able to get my hand on a prior version of the FRA book and the quality is completely different. New books also look much thinner, probably due to lower page quality. The print is also smaller. 

the pages are too thin.  i’m afraid to use them.  

I suspect its like this for all levels as the level II books are also of pretty poor quality in my opinion. They want us to spend 350 hours per level or whatever they recommend these days, but no way these books can get put through that many hours and come out in one piece.

wow…is it that bad? bloody hell


You must be the square root of two cause i feel irrational around you

Anybody got a picture of them?  What’s on the covers?  I hope it is not more pictures of people……I especially hope I don’t have to order them pending my results tomorrow.

The type looks about the same, but of course I cannot tell about the paper or ink quality. Chances are in a few years, it’ll go e-book anyway.