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Best CFA review course in London?


I am considering a intense review course for the CFA Level 3 around April/May. Which of all the review course providers in London would you recommend? I am thinking of a 3-5 days intense review course.

For L1 and L2 I just studied at home with Schweser so no experience from review courses yet.

Thanks in advance for your advice



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I took a review course for L2.  Honestly, it was a waste of money but I knew I could expense it and did it anyways.  I quit going half way through because I was simply too tired after a full day of work to sit through 3 hours of lecture, and would rather just read the textbooks in the comfort of my home.

The problem is they move very fast and cover everything with no consideration of whether you’ve mastered that already.  I’d rather use that time covering the stuff that I know I need to improve on.

I attended, in London:

L1: Schweser

L2: 7City

L3: 7City

I found 7City to be far better

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If you can swing it, do a full course at BPP in London. 

They made Level 3 so much easier for me. I had surgery in March that required a month off work (and mostly off study too) but I passed first go after following their review course advice to the letter after about 240ish hours, most of that cramming through April and May.

A friend did 7City this year and failed, but they are supposed to be good.  

I did a 5 day Kaplan Financial review course for both level 1 and 2 and found them to be useful.  Particularly the big book of questions you get on the course.

Pretty pricey though so I probably wouldn’t do it if I was paying.

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This is going to be hard for you for me the best way it is to be patient and study hard like everyone saying.When i was studying as an accountant in Finland i went through a lot of head aches and luckily i am now a accountant in a tilitoimisto riihimäki or accounting firm which still giving me an head ache specially when doing some payroll stuff.