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Can you register for 2016 exam with a expiring passport?

Hey guys. L2 retaker here. My passport is expiring on Nov. 2015 and my schedule for renewal is on Sept. 19. I’m pretty sure that I won’t get my new passport before the early fee registration deadline on Sept 23, cause it will probably take the department around 2 weeks to give me a new passport. Is there any way that I could register for the L2 2016 exam using my old passport details and have it changed once I get the new passport number/expiration date?


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I think - you can update your passport details after your registeration. However, suggest you write to CFA institute for proper guidance

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I’m pretty sure Kingfisher is correct as well. 

That’s no problem. I had the same issue when I registered for Level 2 in August 2014. My passport expiry date was Dec 2014 and I was able to register for Level 2 June 2015. The only thing was that I got the message that my passport will expire before the exam and that I should update my passport information (which I did a few months later) with an expiry date after June 2015. That didn’t cause any problem for the registration.

So, don’t worry!

It happened to me for the June 2015 session. I registered with my old passport and then updated my passport info later on.