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Best City to write CFA (+ Tips to live in Bangkok?)

I want to travel somewhere between late April and June while studying for CFA. Can’t travel after CFA because summer internship starts a week after CFA.

So far I have Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, Taipei, Manila on my list of potential cities. I am looking for cities with cheap rent and good night life. I thought Reykjavik was really interesting but airbnb for 1 month there is ridiculous. I am based in US so please no US/Canada cities.

Any other city sugguestions?

Also does anyone have experience living in Bangkok long term? What area should I be looking for an apartment in?


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I hear India is beautiful in the springtime – and the people there are friendly as heck, too.  BONUS: free train rides.


I did 2 and a half years in Bangkok - had an amazing time and would definitely recommend it if you are looking for nightlife etc.

I would recommend living in the expat area along Sukhumvit - say somewhere like Asoke, Thonglor, Phrom Phong or Ekkamai.

I lived pretty well over there and paid about $1,300 per month for rent, but there’s no way you need to spend anywhere near that if you don’t want to. I had a rooftop swimming pool, gym etc etc. there are condos for rent for all kinds of budget.

If you want any specific info, feel free to PM me.

So uh… what initially drew your attention towards thailand?

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if you want to or plan to write the cfa exam, i would assume you’ll be writing the exam with a whole faculty of folks at CFA headquarters, which is Charlottesville, VA….

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I always try airbnb or but got this cool list here

Bangkok is a great place to live. Will always remember Khaosan Road

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