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Working as freelancer...possibilities, pros and cons

I would like to know any potential benefits of working as freelancer, so…

Do you now people who started working as freelancer in the field of financial modelling, equity research and other analytical work or maybe fintech?

How did they start?

What do you think about working as freelancer or starting small company?

Would you buy services from freelancer or small firm (specialized in some area)?

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I’m not sure how that would work. Is an independent investment adviser considered a freelancer?  I get clients asking about individual stocks they own and/or their concentrated portfolio’s. I also get business owners who want financial analysis of their next big project .  In 2010 I was an originator for OPIC as an independent analyst. I would source projects and build models for foreign directors investment with OPIC backing loans and direct loans. If you’re talking about working with small and mid size firm and wealthy individuals, you’re  better off coupling that with a complete financial planning program. Or, working as a CPA who does business consulting. 

Financial Planner
BBA (Finance & International Business) 1998,
MBA (With a Global Perspective) 2011,
ChFC® 2018, CLU® 2019
Owns an Independent RIA/Insurance Agency
Series 65, Life, Annuities, Health (Expired 6,63)