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Does enrollment fee still need to be paid for Level 2 when I got Access Scholarship for Level 1?

Hello, I am a Level 1 candidate from Malaysia who will be sitting for June 2019 exam. I received the Access Scholarship for Level 1 but I don’t plan to apply for any Scholarship for Level 2 as I don’t want to risk missing the early registration fee.

However, the Access Scholarship waived my enrollment fee, and since i don’t plan to apply for any scholarships for Level 2, do I still need to pay the enrollment fee when I’m taking Level 2? Is there anyone who was on the same boat as me? Thanks in advance.

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You will have to only pay the exam fee when it comes to level two. The scholarship takes care of the one time registration. Don’t worry !

Of course not.

In fact, you could apply for the scholarship for the level two as well.

June keep in mind that June 2020 exams scholarship deadline closes in the September of 2019.

Earlier, they did allow to apply for the level two scholarship without having appeared for the level one.

That is still allowed I guess. Though, earlier - there was some concession offered to those who weren’t awarded the scholarship.

Now, that rebate isn’t being offered.

Rather I suggest you apply for your CFA L2 by the first deadline rather than waiting for the scholarship announcement.