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Should I appear in CFA level II June 2019 exam?

hey mates!

I want to ask Should I enroll in CFA level II June 2019 exam or its too late for preparation? I heard a lot about level II difficulty level that is why I am asking you guys.

I am a full time student and have no job.

Thank you

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Yes, it will be easy. No job, even easier

plumber > stripper > experience > CFA > MBA

No, you shouldn’t. For what purpose? (Sarcasm)

How many such discussions did you create already? If you were serious, you wouldn’t spend time here waiting for responses and start preparing already. IDK what’s wrong with people.

Given you aren’t limiting this thread to responses from Charterholders and Level III Candidates only I will offer the same opinion that I did previously; if you are a full time student I really don’t see how you can possibly need to ask this question. There are 160 days remaining until the exam in June, say hypothetically you managed to study for 100 of them - at 6 hours a day (you are full time after all, this is somewhat of a lazy commitment!) you would be able to put in a whopping 600 hours of study. Surely you can appreciate why this is a pretty silly question to be asking (especially to be asking more than once!).

Try doing it with a demanding full-time job, while renovating a house, and with a first child on the way due late May. I am stressed haha. 

Don waste your time, right strategy would be to start studying now in preparation for the June 2020 exam, one week per reading is the ideal pace.  Keep it strong brotha