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What to do with books

How much I can make money from selling CFA level 1 books and where I can sell ‘em? I have curriculum books and Schweser notes with 2 Mock Exam Vols.

Will I need level 1 books in the future?

I wanted to sell Schweser Notes for $50, but thinking maybe I can sell it for higher.

What you did with your books and if sold, for how much?

Schweser's upgraded learning platform and refreshed content are exactly what you need to prepare to pass the CFA® Program exam. Save 10% when you order a Premium Package for a limited time.

eBay is a great place to start, although they do deduct 12.9% in fees from what you sell it for. If you use the advanced search feature, you can see the prices both have sold for recently. 

I am saving every CFA book I have, and at the end of the journey will be sacrificing them via an ancient fire ritual in the hopes that I will be able to create superior returns for my investors in the future. 

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It be like that sometimes.

I kept all my CFA books, notes and all.  Occasionally, I open one of those books and flip through the pages with my hand-written notes, still impressed with myself…LOL!

I keep all my books and notes. Books+notes from previous level come in handy when studying for the charter or when working. 

Also, they do have some sentimental value too!

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the updated Schweser notes don’t come out each year until when, January? February?

I always got an early start studying by buying the previous year’s Schweser on ebay in the fall, then getting that year’s notes (for full retail from schweser) when they came out, at which point I would resell on ebay the old notes I had bought a few months earlier.

And once the exam was done, I’d sell that year’s notes on ebay as well, because there are people looking to start early for the next year and/or save money

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I donated to a local library although they had several copies already

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