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CFA Level I Study Provider


I’m planning on enrolling for Level I June 2019 session.

What is the best study provider? I signed up for the Bloomberg Prep trial and like the look of it but heard a lot of negative reviews.

Was also thinking about getting the Wiley books plus the UpperMark QBank. What do you think?

Do you also think I have plenty of time for the June-19 session or should I aim for Dec-19?


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I’m currently studying with Wiley and its good. The books are straightforward and the video lectures are pretty good so far as well.

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First, I think it is better to go for Dec-19. If you haven’t even decided the provider yet, you might not have enough time or preparation to aim for Jun-19. But if you are exceptionally intelligent and quick learner studying full-time, then maybe you should. I wouldn’t.

All the top names have their pros and cons. Really comes down to your personal preference. If you are doing Dec-19, the books by the institute, along with free videos from IFT and Mark Meldrum should be sufficient. Schweser Notes are a good substitute for the books from the institute, but I personally only kept it for revision. Given that I am writing the exam in Dec-19, I have enough time to go through the institute books.