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Yield Book, or Bloomberg Port, or other platforms

Which is better or does anyone have another suggestion for fixed income portfolio management? What are some of the good versus bad or how you guys currently use it?

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I have BBG Port, and I only really use it to analyze a shadow-portfolio. For that it is okay, I guess. The main question is for what you really need it in particular. A large institutional portfolio, a fund with permanent in- and outflows, or your private wealth management. Also, if you want to do backtesting you get a ton of problems from pricing methods and the general capabilities of Port.

For me, the problem is the fixed income part of my portfolio. The prices Port uses as a source are often really different from the prices I have to use officially (I manage a mixed UCITS fund in Europe). You can choose some pricing sources, but due to the dark-market nature of bonds this does not really solve the issue. So the pricing, performance and contribution data from Port is always somewhat different from my official numbers, due to this mispricing. Otherwise it is really easy, once you figure out how to use all the upload functions etc. The thing is, you probably will never know about half the capabilities of port due to huge amount of thiungs you can do with it.

Also, Bloomberg is freackin’ expensive to only use ot for this one thing. So you might want to evaluate Bloomberg in general, and whether it is something for you.