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CFA + masters. General school advice.


I just got admitted to EAE Business School (Spain) for an MBA starting on October 2019. It’s an ¨executive¨ MBA which means I just have classes on friday and saturday, thus I have the rest of the week to prepare for the CFA level 3 (assuming I pass L2 this year).

Also, my school transcripts are not that good. An 80.0 average on both of my degrees (Finance and Global Management, both from Nicaragua). 

My questions are the following:

Will having the CFA designation or at least L2 or L3 passed will give me a bump into qualifying for a scholarship?

What do schools look for in a candidate for a scholarship?

What masters should I pursue? I’m 24 years old, hoping to finish L3 by 2020 (late 25s almost 26). Private Equity is my dream and I want to be as competitive as possible. I’ve heard CFA+MBA looks cool, plus I love entrepreneurship. 

What do you guys think of EAE? 

Should I wait until I finish the CFA to enroll in an MBA?

I want to go into the London Business School to be honest, but I think that i need to pass L3 in order to stay competitive in their admissions programs and scholarships.

Any advices/thoughts?

thank you!

EDIT: About job experiences I pretty much have none in the industry I want (finance). Nicaragua is poor on jobs and extremely limited. Therefore, I have my own online services business on data entry and analysis, and translations. As you can see, it really isn’t finance. Aside form that business that I currently own, I’ve dedicated the last couple of years in other entrepreneurial projects so thus I haven’t really worked for somebody aside from PWC for 5 months.

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Not an MBA grad here, but I’ve asked this question before. The advice I received was that it of course helps, as MBA programs are in the business of sending graduates off to the best careers/positions possible. Earning the CFA signals that you’re one of the people who will get a job that will make the program look good to the next wave of prospective students. In your essays, craft a story about how the CFA will help you pursue that career in banking/PE (which is where most graduates end up), rather than saying you want to go into tech where you’d have worse odds of landing a job.