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Time left vs Syllabus left

Hey guys!

I have done CFA level 2 FRA , Equity, Fixed Income, CF and first 2 readings of Quants. Can you guys tell me if my preparation pace is ok for june sitting?

please also tell me which one of remaining topic areas is the most difficult and how to prepare that topic area. 

please also tell me how many weeks should I keep for revision? 

Thank You.

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I always liked to get to practice tests about a month before for levels 1 and 2. level 3 started the practice test 1.5 months before. hope that gives you an idea.

For level 2, I think most (at least i did) find FRA to be the most difficult. I also thought it was the easiest section to pick up points. 

Derivatives a bit challenging.In total, for the topics that are remained for you I spent 29 days.

Spent around 10 days on derivatives. AI 5 days. 7 days on econ, and 7 days on PM.