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CFA L1 - Complete syllabus first & Practice Later?

Hello Everyone,

I’m preparing for CFA Level 1. I have registered for Dec 2019.  I would like to know what is the best approach to prepare for this exam.I am doing 9 hours full time job in ecommerce company, my job is not related to finance. I made up study plan where I will be covering 2-3 readings in a week, while studying 12-20 hours on weekend and some 4-6 hours on week days 

Should I complete syllabus first by reading curriculum and doing EOC Questions? I can leave thorough practicing for later after I have completed the syllabus. Is it a better approach? Because right now I’m not scoring anywhere near 70% on my first attempt of solving EOC questions I’m scoring in forty’s and sometimes less than forty. Please suggest if you can.

Looking forward for some better solution here. Thanks 

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While reading your post my initial idea was to recommend going through the content first and to go deep into problem solving afterwards.

Apart from that, I think it’s alarming that you are scoring ~40% just after reading the chapter. That’s definitely too low and I guess it means that you do not really get the concepts of the readings. You need to improve that score now. Not necessarily to >70% but at least to the high 50s. Even.more important than your score (at least at this stage) is your understanding of what you did wrong and why it’s wrong.

Yes i know right now after reading and doing EOC questions I’m scoring low. After doing these EOC questions i do feel like i can improve my score if I practice more because i do understand where did i go wrong and which concept i wasn’t able to absorb. Than again I’m double minded on spending too much time on practicing each reading questions that i won’t be able to complete curriculum on time.

This course is too much and its very time consuming when you’re watching videos and reading from curriculum and doing questions. 

I’m just bit afraid that if i didn’t cover curriculum like 30-40 days before exam I’ll get under pressure and in the end i might not be able to complete everything. How much practice do you suggest for each reading?