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Candidates with Low Vision / Visual disability

Hi Folks, 

I am a person with a low vision or with visual disability. I am keen on doing certifications in Finance and have solid workex in the domain spanning over Investment Banking and other Quantitative domains in finance. I am interested to pursue a certification in FRM and CFA amd was wondering in case any of you know any kind of support during the exam day for candidates who  have such problems. This is particularly in interest to someone like me since understand that Reading speed is a very essential part of cracking these exams . Also since these are offline tests, and not online tests, the provision for magnifying the questions is not available. Any kind of lead would be much appreciated. 

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Glasses… problem solved.

@dasstienn: Your comment is absolutely inappropriate.

@krishna: CFAI offers various solutions for disabled candidates. You have to request special accomodations ( a few weeks in advance. I would suggest to call CFAI first and ask whether they offer something with regards to your needs. Good luck!

Thank you very much, that was very helpful.