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CFA Work Experience - 2019

Hello everyone

I wanted to gather some more info as i am preparing my write up for the WE requirements as part of membership process.

1. i have worked in 3 different firms (Deal Advisory/M&A) in big 4 companies and wanted to know whether i need to have one sponsor from every employer, or is it OK to have from say only 2 out of 3?

2. Given that the nature of my work across these 3 firms are nearly similar (although i climbed up the ladder, so from Junior Consultant to Manager along the years), do i need to repeat the work done under 3 different headers (for 3 different employers) or i can sort of prepare a condensed list per type of services (e.g. transactional valuations, financial due diligences, lead advisory, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), etc?

3. Do i need to state that i spend at least 50% of my time in preparing work products which will be used (in my case by Boards, investment committees) for finalising their acquisitions (mainly unquoted shares) since this is the only thing i do - i.e. i spend 100% of my time doing this work.

Many thanks for the help, in advance.


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1. Pretty sure it’s just 3 (or 2 depending) references. Don’t need to be from every employer

2. Not sure

3. Yeah but you need to organically point to it - not blatantly say “I spend at least 50% of my time…” yadda yadda. That’s where the thought needs to be put in.

All that said it would be nice to have a charterholder verify some of this. I’m in fintech and really the only one in my company whose completed (or even pursued) the exams so honestly it feels a little unnerving not having fellow test takers or charterholders to ask this to.