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"Chartered Financial Analyst" job title - Ethics

Is that an ethics/standards violation? The job explicitly requires a charterholder, so it’s seems like they want the job title to indicate the person in the role is a charterholder. Anyway, I have an interview for it, just couldn’t recall this scenario from any of my studies.

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I once saw a job ad for a “Certified Financial Analyst”. I figure it was some HR person who put the ad together. frown 

“Mmmmmm, something…” - H. Simpson

lol. yeah. i guess I’m thinking about it from the perspective that “Chartered Financial Analyst” is a trademark, which makes it seem like a violation, but if the person in the role is a charterholder then maybe not…who knows. Maybe they just listed it that way to get charterholders’ attention and apply, and the actual job title will be something else.