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Membership references - using 1 who *doesn't* relate to qualifying work experience?

I’m applying for regular society membership now.  My qualifying work experience was several years ago – 2 of my references are from that job, including my direct supervisor from back then – so far so good.

But for my 3rd reference, I’m using (or planning to use) my current supervisor – for a job that definitely doesn’t count as qualifying work experience.  I had assumed that would be ok – I don’t see anything in the guidance that *all* of your references have to speak to your qualifying work experience.  But the questions the form asks – about whether my primary full-time job meets the qualifying work experience requirements – she would have to answer “no” to.

Anyone run into this or know how to handle?  I’ve sent CFAI a couple emails asking for help and have received no response.  

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I’d be surprised if your 3rd guy would qualify. After all referees must attest you spent more than 50% of your work for the investment profession. But you can ask colleagues not only supervisors. I asked 2 ex supervisor and 1 ex colleague. He was my peer doing practically the same job like me.

Just received a response from CFAI – posting in case it’s useful for others in future:

“1) Your references should be attesting to the work experience that they are aware of, which means if they are speaking on your past work history, they should ignore the tense of the questions.

2) Each reference should answer all questions truthfully. While your current work experience does not qualify, it will not disqualify your previous work experience and references from those experiences. It is acceptable to have a character reference, which seems to be the case for your 3rd reference.”