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New Experience requirement

Hi all,

I just have known that CFAI has updated the experience requirement for regular membership application.  (40000 hours working accumulated with no less than 36 months). I saw that the membership requirements on the CFAI website has no update requirement. When will the new one become effective?


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24 h x 7d x 52 wk x 3 y = 26208 hours.

We better start to find a way to beat the clock ppl.

Wait where are you seeing this? How exactly were you informed of this update in experience duration requirement? Also pretty sure you have a typo - 40,000 hours roughly translates to about 20 years experience lool. If you’re thinking 4000 hours that makes more sense, though that translates to around 2 years. 

I saw that too. Four thousand hours would be approx. 2 years of work.  Maybe this accounts for the fact some candidates don’t work 100% of their hours in a qualifying function.   50% would be about the 4 years then.