Hello guys,

I would much appreciate a bit of help with the below - especially from our VC people around.

I’m building an IM for a series-A funding round and I am trying to work my mind around the projections. I understand that valuation should be pre-money and I have built a DCF to reach to a price. My projected cash flows do not incorporate external funding and I’m using a range of discount rates b/ween 35% and 45%.

My question relates to the projections I will be presenting in my deck. The reader of the IM will be an investor ie a VC, hence my guess is that they will be interested to see post-money projections / ROI etc. Would it be reasonable then to present both i. post money projections (including uses of funds) so the investor can get a feeling of expected returns and performance and ii. pre-money projections so that I can defend the derived valuation?

Thanks for your time:)