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how to face my senior analyst at work

He’s also really young still… I’m sure he’ll mellow out eventually… (I hope). He’s a good kid.. just with some radical viewpoints.

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This thread is useless without pics.

I heard through the grapevine she looks like jessica biel.

pass it on…

SomewhatDamaged Wrote:
> This thread is useless without pics.
> I heard through the grapevine she looks like
> jessica biel.
> pass it on…

i heard it was jocelyn wildenstein

well i guess there is nothing like being unprofessional and unclassy if you are confused and ask for advise….and btw i havent even disclosed my identity?

teen thirties meant early thirties

and the more i think about it more i realise that i need to talk to her about it…. but i need to behave as if nothing much has happened…

well if they want to fire me coz of my social life then everyone must have a serious thought about it i mean your company cant control ur social life….

Relax. It’s much worse for her. You don’t have to think about it again. She is more senior, so the onus is on her to clear the air if necessary.

On a personal note, a few of the posters above worry me. I don’t see why an incident such as this should interfere with your work. If you are professional, then the aftershock won’t last beyond Wednesday.

Like I said, though, don’t risk making a faux pas in an attempt to heal the situation. It is mostly her problem.

CFA_Halifax Wrote:
> this will go down as one of AF’s best posts,
> though not as good as the famous LIII “sink
> ****ter” at Javis a few years back!!!!

Better than Bleron’s “I will pass Level 2 in 7 days” thread?

Inducted into the AF Hall of Fame, class of ‘17

I heard Bleron got drunk and had sex with his boss the night before taking level 2.

Alright, lets cut to the heart of the matter. I’m assuming you slept with her (it hasn’t been explicitly stated, unless I missed that comment). If it’s anything less than sleeping with her then you’re retarded to even worry about whatever “it” is.

Who’s hotter, her or you?

If it’s her, discreetly go talk to her and let her know you’re going to keep it mum around the office. If work comes #1, than leave it at that. If you wouldn’t mind another night of playing ‘who’s your father,’ mention that maybe you can run into each other at the bar again sometime (in a normal, not flirting, tone). If she’s interested she’ll let you know.

If you’re hotter, you don’t have to do anything, in fact, it would be the wrong move to do something. Just play it cool and go back to your job; if you see her be cordial and not creepy. If job is #1 then leave it at that. If she flirts and you want another night, play along.

well i have reached office…and i was making a big deal about it….. its as if nothing has happened..we didnt even talk about it and it was straight back to work :)

glad that she did not bring it up but thanks for all your inputs including kkent maybe i was just too nervous…… after all sleeping with a girl is not an offence….

dude, you gotta at least wink at her? Be a man!

no way mate…trying to stay out of her sight atleast till lunch……

and KKENT thanks for your invaluable advise….
just sad that i lost your account for my firm but dont worry u are not irreplacable.

equity_research_nds Wrote:
> and KKENT thanks for your invaluable advise….
> just sad that i lost your account for my firm but
> dont worry u are not irreplacable.

LOL! +1

hey guys can i delete this post which i started?
is there any option like that on AF?

you can get a moderator to delete your post, although I’m not sure who any of the mods are these days.

equity_research_nds Wrote:
> hey guys can i delete this post which i started?
> is there any option like that on AF?

You can’t do that!

equity_research_nds Wrote:
> please need your advise guys..

Let me try to first answer your question by applying Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct. As I(D) tells us:

Members and Candidates must not engage in any professional conduct involving
dishonesty, fraud, or deceit or commit any act that reflects adversely on their
professional reputation, integrity, or competence.

And to quote the respective Guidance:

Conduct that damages trustworthiness or competence can include behavior
that may not be illegal but could negatively affect a member or candidate’s ability
to perform his or her responsibilities.

On the other hand, think about the lady in question. Unless the whole thing was a carefully planned plan to get you dismissed from the firm, she must have had a great time.

To conclude:
1) Don’t tell anyone
2) Find a way to communicate effectively with your senior analyst, these’s no way you can act as if nothing has happened, but try to find a way to use this experience as an example of trust you can both benefit from.

Act respectfully, and you’ll be rewarded greatly.

Did you discuss about the equity markets during? If so just consider it “advanced” training.

She’s in trouble more than you are so don’t worry. Hope you had a good time, hope you helped her have a good time too…(please tell me you performed decently after all those drinks!)…

Don’t worry. She’ll be cool about it (or act that way) so you should be cool about it too.

McPass, CFA

If she was ready to go like that there is a good chance that she has done this before….

Welcome to the cougar den!

A small greeting card telling her that you enjoyed “spending time with her,” last friday (since she must be a little nervous too) might be nice. Then let her know that you want her to feel as comfortable as possible at work and hope she will feel welcome to come talk to you if she wants to discuss anything.

That lets her feel like you enjoyed being with her, and lets her know that you want to make sure that as little weirdness as possible happens as a result. There will be weirdness, unfortunately, there always is. But hopefully it will be manageable and dissipate quickly.

You want a quote?  Haven’t I written enough already???

I agree with bChadwick however I would still try to grab her ass at some point during the day.

Just make sure your don’t find yourself stuck alone in the stationary room with her. She might lock the door, turn off the lights, and rip your pants off. As PMwannaB notes, she may be a “cougar” who hunts for young men!!!!!

If you ever get stuck in the stationary room and you feel uncomfortable with her advances then just fake an epileptic attack. Otherwise you might insult her. It’s better to freak her out than to insult her.

Don’t put anything in writing.

Anyway, has anybody else considered the non-work-related side of all this? If anything ever came out and she felt threatened, could she pull the whole “I didn’t consent” thing? In college, if two drunk people hook up, and the girl later regrets it, doesn’t the guy automatically get sunk even if both were drunk and seemingly okay with the act at the time?

I’d just be really nice to her from now on… I doubt it would ever come to this, but don’t tell a soul. You know, besides the entirety of AF.

Dude, there’s nothing to worry about at all. In fact, to underscore this point, I suggest you meet her up for killer margeritas tonight after work, get super blitzed and give her the first/best arse-sticking she’s ever had. It’ll put you in the driver seat. TRUST!

I’m so late to this party, there’s nothing I can really add, but let me say this, congrats equity_research_nds! Welcome to the club…

On somewhat of a serious note, take grunt’s advice; be very nice to her and act like nothing happened.

As for kkent, you are extremely serious…respect.


Damn, I feel like wanting to purge my dirty little secrets here. Maybe there should be a dedicatd forum for this purpose.

There is…but are you worthy, young grasshopper?

For anybody that watches the reality show, Rob’n’Big, I’d like to quote BIG - “YOU DID WORK, SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!”