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CFA General Discussion

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MWRR avmachado 1 not a CFA1 month ago
Resign to study for L3? 7saturdaysaweek 7 MunicipalBob1 month ago
Scholarship results ouchrush 1 kitty19951 month ago
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Meaning of "net of the current portion" of long-term debt DonnieAzz 1 S2000magician1 month ago
This is going to be the weirdest post on this forum! soooomi11 27 S2000magician1 month ago
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how to keep up with all the things you learned in the CFA program, in your post charter life heshoos 19 greatestinvestor2 months ago
Hedge Fund ROE Rickyxu 1 Nerdyblop2 months ago
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two questions about DCF majorkonig 4 Codtrawler872 months ago
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CFA Institute curriculum redemption code Baidar 8 Baidar2 months ago
Investment Banking Pitchbooks bluefinance bluefinance2 months ago
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Sabbatical Aceea 4 125mph2 months ago
CFA for a software guy (10 years of experience) go-getter 11 pejp2 months ago
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Why is collecting beta a good thing? alpha_cap 10 imthekingoftheworld2 months ago
Chart for Solow Model Samuraicode 1 Samuraicode2 months ago
institutional sales
CFA L1 - Complete syllabus first & Practice Later?
Starting a fund as a Canadian Citizen and Resident SP80 SP803 months ago
Web-based Financial modeling platform brainzunlimited47 brainzunlimited473 months ago
CFA related part time work - Toronto Rustin Cohle 4 125mph3 months ago