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CFA General Discussion

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Import duties on CFAI books pratikshaha 1 Flashback3 months ago
How much content in the CFA tutorials involves ERM (Enterprise Risk Management)? kekeuibe 6 kekeuibe3 months ago
CFA exam pass badges availability elfship 11 Rules_Of_Acquisition3 months ago
" Wiley's prep material was a huge part of my success." - Lindsey G., USA
Calculating EVA GerStudent GerStudent3 months ago
No cryptocurrencies topics in the new syllabus akshitf5 10 avmachado3 months ago
Pass on 1st attempt; My 2 Cents USAHighlander 1 avmachado3 months ago
Why cant I buy the 2019 CFA Curriculum without registering for the exam? KokoTheChimp 9 Black8Mamba233 months ago
the ORIGINAL exam day horror story = the "sink story" builders 50 sya293 months ago
CFA level 1 Registration HELP! (Urgent) rohitk54 1 cfageist3 months ago
Creating a real financial model...(Noob qs) ProspectiveDreamer 1 Black8Mamba233 months ago
What after completing the CFA Program? sydneyguy 37 breadmaker3 months ago
Charterholder Access to New Curriculum Eric Velasco 5 fino_abama3 months ago
Membership application - Work Experience/References bazz bazz3 months ago
Charter & Membership Process Edbert 1 Bremen743 months ago
GDP Growth of 4.2% Breakdown jad594 1 ohai3 months ago
CFA PCP Similarity Analysis Anonymousanalyst 2 hashtag3 months ago
When job and study hate each other StasLadanov 44 StasLadanov3 months ago
My short experience with lvl 1 prep Lloydas1 10 hashtag3 months ago
From total outsider to finance professional James Moellendorpf 5 anonanlyst4163 months ago
Becoming member before passing exams foshizzle 1 hashtag3 months ago
Most Frustrating Part of Studying for CFA Exam electric 71 igor5553 months ago
How do I read & interpret U.S T Bill Rates Online? KokoTheChimp 3 KokoTheChimp3 months ago
anyone know when june 2019 registration opens? onparity 6 Leesajohnson3 months ago
Advice from experienced candidates Lolilou 20 infinitybenzo3 months ago