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CFA General Discussion

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No cryptocurrencies topics in the new syllabus akshitf5 10 avmachado5 months ago
Pass on 1st attempt; My 2 Cents USAHighlander 1 avmachado5 months ago
the ORIGINAL exam day horror story = the "sink story" builders 50 sya295 months ago
" Wiley's prep material was a huge part of my success." - Lindsey G., USA
CFA level 1 Registration HELP! (Urgent) rohitk54 1 cfageist5 months ago
Creating a real financial model...(Noob qs) ProspectiveDreamer 1 Black8Mamba235 months ago
What after completing the CFA Program? sydneyguy 37 breadmaker5 months ago
Charterholder Access to New Curriculum Eric Velasco 5 fino_abama5 months ago
Membership application - Work Experience/References bazz bazz5 months ago
Charter & Membership Process Edbert 1 Bremen745 months ago
GDP Growth of 4.2% Breakdown jad594 1 ohai5 months ago
CFA PCP Similarity Analysis Anonymousanalyst 2 hashtag5 months ago
When job and study hate each other StasLadanov 44 StasLadanov5 months ago
My short experience with lvl 1 prep Lloydas1 10 hashtag5 months ago
From total outsider to finance professional James Moellendorpf 5 anonanlyst4165 months ago
Becoming member before passing exams foshizzle 1 hashtag6 months ago
Most Frustrating Part of Studying for CFA Exam electric 71 igor5556 months ago
How do I read & interpret U.S T Bill Rates Online? KokoTheChimp 3 KokoTheChimp6 months ago
anyone know when june 2019 registration opens? onparity 6 Leesajohnson6 months ago
Advice from experienced candidates Lolilou 20 infinitybenzo6 months ago
CFA professional references foshizzle 1 ws6 months ago
Cfa scholarship vidur 3 gudlak6 months ago
Can I do CFA with a joint major in eco and maths? Moazzambhutto 15 Charlie Work6 months ago
PCP investigation. PLease help. Its urgent !! avi5492 10 ws6 months ago
PCP Investigation. Please help! URGENT MMBaid 95 akshitf56 months ago