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CFA General Discussion

Topic Started by Replies Activity
Financial Modeling Practice & Applying for Jobs Dazed&Confused 11 Dazed&Confused
Research reports steph96 7 numi
Little Book that Beats the Market Palantir 20 Dude_CFA
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What have been your best and worst trades this year? numi 29 adehbone
China/Commodities Portfolio ManMythLegend 10 bchad
"Did you pass the CFA on the first try?" Steely Dan 54 brain_wash_your_face
PMs:you look for what in assistants? Penny-wenny 9 brain_wash_your_face
best answer to pawn 31 Palantir
Debt Ceiling Zesty 15 AlphaSeeker
Who's right on the economy: Republicans or Democrats the show NY 72 bchad
Short interest ratio - how much does it matter to you? numi 12 dextermorgan
Forum 1.0 vs 2.0 - Usage Poll CardShark 32 Reggie
How to handle restructuring expense Deskjockey894 5 dspapo
Debt Ceiling Palantir 57 Dwight
Today is the day market start to crack? AlphaSeeker 18 Sweep the Leg
equity research associate jobs pawn 4 itera
Have you been to an interview that the interviewers just want you to fail? blackswan3 4 pimpineasy
Stormed out mid of an interview? stupid 23 DoubleDip
QE3? AlphaSeeker 38 AlphaSeeker
Less competitive financial jobs b_sea93 26 FrankArabia
Worst equity research? numi 13 reddevil_l3
Blue Horseshoe Loves.... Sweep the Leg 14 NIU2010
job recovery mp3bu 2 bchad
Mortgage Rates Ty Webb 12 NakedPuts
T/F : banks just aren't lending mp3bu 13 bpdulog