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CFA General Discussion

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Passed CFA L1 - I say I studied 35 hours; my GF says < 15 PE_Auditor 29 infinitybenzo6 months ago
Calculator Kenzagh 20 Sweep the Leg6 months ago
" Wiley's prep material was a huge part of my success." - Lindsey G., USA
ADD Testing Accommodations Buffett_aint_aCFA 6 hashtag6 months ago
I need your advice and experience people!!! Edarkamen 19 el_macca176 months ago
Bookshelf logs me out thinkwiseandact 1 Tactics6 months ago
Change information on exam ticket Epsilon 1 CFA Society Chicago6 months ago
Where are these rumors of Lehman coming from? CFAdummy 6 keep_running6 months ago
Any benefit from NYSSA memebership? ar169 ar1696 months ago
Sigma moves - annualize return or no? cfacaiatrack 2 ohai6 months ago
Need advice! 6 years later, should I continue CFA L3? kathywzz 27 igor5556 months ago
In the real world the forex market works opposite to Covered and Uncovered interest rate parity? Davy 7 Davy6 months ago
Disability accommodations lr1271 4 hashtag6 months ago
Any good finance Societies in Melbourne? MacroMan91 1 rexkicker6 months ago
CFA website down?? frankyrivan 5 JAL5136 months ago
What's harder, CFA or Masters in Finance from a top university/college rexthedog 30 igor5556 months ago
Fell. Can't Seem to get up Ctin 11 KeepingCalm6 months ago
If I get stuck in a question or concept do I move ahead? Please...its important girl1555 7 KeepingCalm6 months ago
Modeling Help/Examples JZAF 4 Ron Swanson6 months ago
Financial modelling book by Wiley (Chandan Sengupta) akshitf5 akshitf57 months ago
Can a CFA buy this? 125mph 3 breadmaker7 months ago
Help! Don't feel like studying girl1555 20 KeepingCalm7 months ago
L2 skip readings or cut review time?
Trading SMAs with two separate custodians shake656 1 infinitybenzo7 months ago
t distribution table!!!! joaquinms19 4 Sweep the Leg7 months ago