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Group to work together to tackle again level III

Hi all,

Like some of you, I was deadly killed by AM. I am really upset but I think it is good to create a group to work together, to maintain our motivation and to share our materials. 

I have read a lot of comments of those having passed L3. I think that it is probably good to rate our AM answers together. We are certainly good at some points. For example, I have one AM > 70% and I ever don’t understand why for this one I was correct while others are < 50%! 

Maybe like some of you, I don’t have any friend / colleague / family member who can understand why CFA is so important to me event I work as a financial anlyst … They have even discouraged me. 

Feel free to join me to tackle it again. 

Looking forwards to your guys !

private message if you want to contact me by mail.

p/S: I have passed the level I and II at first attempt

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contact details plz.

I passed Level I and II on my first attempts too, Level III is killing me.

I definitely need help reviewing my AM piece, there’s something obviously wrong with it as I consistently have done badly in all areas but feel I understand the material well enough and even thought the mocks went ok.