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CFA Melbourne Study Partner

Is anyone in Melbourne interested to study together during weekends?

Make the most of your CFA exam prep in one weekend! Join renowned instructors, Peter Olinto, Darren Degraaf & David Hetherington in May for a live, two-day CFA intensive final review class.

Hey mate.

Still interested in a study partner? 

Looking start for next year level 2 though.

Let me know


The only thing I know about people in finance in Australia (which is sort of like people studying for their CFA exams in Australia) is that a mate (specifically, an American mate, for whom the word means something quite different) should not say to a sheila who sits on a cold stone bench at a cocktail party that her fanny’s probably frozen.

One of my colleagues at PIMCO said that many, many years ago.  It wasn’t well received.

Simplify the complicated side; don't complify the simplicated side.

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