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CFA Hook Up

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Please Include City and Exam Level In Subject Line chad.sandstedt 69 sejal.ptl@1 year ago
Princeton NJ Level III retaker CFA-NJ CFA-NJ11 years ago
CFA Level 1 December Global Study group mightyMAK mightyMAK4 years ago
References/relevant work experience for CFA qualification GAV GAV10 years ago
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CFA Level 1 Study Group - Austin, Texas raulresendez raulresendez1 year ago
CFA Level 1 - December 2016 - London Crito Crito3 years ago
Level 3- Vancouver/Burnaby/Surrey Canuck707 Canuck7076 years ago
Level II - Central London Study Group zorro_3 zorro_311 years ago
> mcmnoyxz mcmnoyxz4 years ago
Level II June 2017 Washington DC (D.C area) rosslynchap rosslynchap2 years ago
Transportation, Level 1 San Francisco Mushu888 Mushu8889 years ago
CFA LEVEL II Toronto 2013 Whyme Whyme6 years ago
Edmonton L2 xck2000 xck200010 years ago
CFA Level 3 - London (Canary Wharf) frebolledo frebolledo7 years ago
Level 2; Detriot/Novi Area (Michigan) neha_km neha_km9 years ago
CFA level 1 june 2013 - Skype study group tti5003 tti50036 years ago
Level 1 study group in Ottawa ? Bob777 Bob77711 years ago
CFA LEVEL I SINGAPORE CANDIDATES DEC15' bananapancakes bananapancakes3 years ago
Level I Illinois (suburbs kstanutz kstanutz10 years ago
CFA Level 2 in NYC / Manhattan dzhou dzhou7 years ago
Stop your bellyaching! It's time to study L2 with me! (NYC) startuppivot startuppivot2 years ago
Level 1 Washington D.C Dec-2008 dudeinthecity dudeinthecity10 years ago
CFA Level III 2018 - Kuala Lumpur haohaosakura haohaosakura1 year ago
Weekly CFA (LEVEL 1 - JUNE 16) Hook Up's in Dubai (UAE) Sher Sher3 years ago
Study Group L1 June09 Mexico Santa Fe Area alexpc alexpc10 years ago