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CFA Hook Up

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Level III- Baltimore analystDC 2 h212 years ago
L3 Study group in Hong kong? kwc84 kwc842 years ago
CFA L1 June 2017 - NYC seville 8 joe13312 years ago
Make the most of your CFA exam prep in one weekend! Join renowned instructors, Peter Olinto, Darren Degraaf & David Hetherington in May for a live, two-day CFA intensive final review class.
CFA Level 1 June 2017 Jersey City,NJ Study group Rene_Rene 4 RaedD2 years ago
Any one preparing for CFA Level III in Mumbai? Anuj Mehra 1 DRajput2 years ago
Mumbai Study group DRajput DRajput2 years ago
Level 3 2017 Atlanta? shrubaks123 shrubaks1232 years ago
Local study group Level II (L2) - Austin, TX bb4pen 2 bb4pen2 years ago
L2 June '17: Miami, Florida Black8Mamba23 Black8Mamba232 years ago
Level 3 2017 in Beirut, Lebanon aimbeirut aimbeirut2 years ago
Karachi CFA Level 1 Hook Up for June'17 Janees Alam Janees Alam2 years ago
2017 Level 3 in Shanghai pierrerion pierrerion2 years ago
Looking for Study buddy in Harare for 2017 December session Moral Hazard Moral Hazard2 years ago
TORONTO Downtown Level 3 study group vinny_chase99 6 Lecivin2 years ago
Looking for Study buddy in Europe for 2017 June session Janis Janis2 years ago
Level 1 June 2017 - New Jersey pergz91 1 saurabh100212 years ago
CFA Level 1 Newport, Jersey City June 2017 saurabh10021 saurabh100212 years ago
Level 3 oakville group cfanalyst84 4 Lecivin2 years ago
CFA Level 1 June 2017 St. Louis Janeinstl Janeinstl2 years ago
CFA Level 3 - 2017 Boston gregb875 1 indigonation52 years ago
Level 2 - Pittsburgh JZA JZA2 years ago
Study groups in Toronto - CFA III? cipherap15 2 cipherap152 years ago
Looking for 2017 L2 study buddy(-ies) in Beijing Andrey Teng Andrey Teng2 years ago
San Diego Dec Level 1 hassans1 4 JJ-292 years ago
Level 2 - NYC Coastie 4 Alexander Korzun2 years ago