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CFA Hook Up

Topic Started by Replies Activity
Shanghai - Level III - 2019 dekisugi 4 dekisugi5 months ago
Seattle Level 3 study group??? Jean Grey 1 Jean Grey5 months ago
Tokyo - Level 3 June 2019 jbaby87 1 Heyitsme5 months ago
"Wiley's prep material was a huge part of my success... really keeps me motivated and charging ahead." - Lindsey G., USA
CFA Level II - Kansas City sportingkcftw 2 KC_Options5 months ago
Level II 2019 - Denver eprams 3 eprams5 months ago
London, Level 1 December 18 Trojaner 2 Trojaner5 months ago
Telecommuting professionals by day, CFA Level II superhero's by night - Fort Lauderdale (resort area) Florida terenganalyst terenganalyst5 months ago
June 2018 CFA L1 in London george4064 5 Jmartens5 months ago
LONDON DECEMBER Jmartens Jmartens5 months ago
CFA Level III 2019 Amsterdam/NL dean829829 dean8298295 months ago
Looking for a Partner
CFA Level II June 2019 SHANGHAI Nemo_Yu Nemo_Yu6 months ago
CFA Level 1 - Dec 2018 - College Station, TX mrmckay mrmckay7 months ago
CFA level 1 December -Houston lr1271 3 mrmckay7 months ago
CFA Level II - Los Angeles/Orange County cainstratton cainstratton7 months ago
CFA L1 DEC 2018 - NYC/ JC shivarao002 shivarao0027 months ago
CFA Level 1 Riyadh monty1 monty18 months ago
anyone from Belfast KingKing KingKing8 months ago
CFA Level 3 - Jun 2018 - HONG KONG Nivek Nivek8 months ago
December Level 1 - Frankfurt Scanspeak 1 Kris8138 months ago
June 2018 Level II candidates in Hong Kong !!! citygal 1 citygal9 months ago
CFA L2 Houston geodada geodada9 months ago
Level 3, June 2018 Melbourne, Australia ibizzle88 1 ska-14239 months ago
June 2018 L2 Germany Nukular 2 AsianAgent9 months ago
Skype Study Buddy...Recap days work every evening Davy 2 Davy9 months ago