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CFA Hook Up

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June 2018 CFA L2 takers in London neal007 2 ynot_931 year ago
Study Group lvl 2, Stockholm Norden 1 DEF181 year ago
Who is taking Level 1 this December 2nd in Boston and wants to review? HallowedBeThyCFA HallowedBeThyCFA1 year ago
"Wiley's prep material was a huge part of my success... really keeps me motivated and charging ahead." - Lindsey G., USA
Level III June 2018 - Karachi marium87 marium871 year ago
CFA Level 2 -Catch up in Delhi (For June 2018 Exam) sydneyguy sydneyguy1 year ago
CFA level 1 June 2018 - Princeton NJ Ryan2018 Ryan20181 year ago
CFA Level III 2018 - Adelaide, South Australia chancornelius chancornelius1 year ago
Level 3 - Chicago Study Group Étudiant Étudiant1 year ago
CFA Level 3 - Toronto Study Group loong j 3 MikeHams1 year ago
LONDON CFA L3 June 2018 prepare together Dimitry 2 FMP1 year ago
Level I Study Partner NYC rw2017 rw20171 year ago
CFA Level 2, June-2018, Bangalore HSR Sector 2 snehsrijan 1 vignesh.sabhahit1 year ago
StudyMate Charlotte Kwoun Charlotte Kwoun1 year ago
CFA Level III 2018 - Kuala Lumpur haohaosakura haohaosakura1 year ago
2018 LIII Madrid people SiEfEi SiEfEi1 year ago
CFA L2 2018 - Downtown Dubai Study Group Hoya36 Hoya361 year ago
CFA L2 Study Group - Muscat, Oman nebula27 nebula271 year ago
Looking for Level 1 tutor in Westport CT persistentmind 6 ohai1 year ago
Study partner in New York SLane SLane1 year ago
CFA Level 1 Study Group-- SINGAPORE fanome11 fanome111 year ago
NYC CFA Level 1 December 2017 - Study Group khcfa 8 BPTMT1 year ago
Study group in downtown Toronto for Dec Level 1 exam sbachcfa sbachcfa1 year ago
CFA Level 1 - Bucks County, PA - December 2017 cpudvan 1 escape velocity1 year ago
[deleted] mcmnoyxz mcmnoyxz1 year ago
Any Charterholders that took Michael Hilanka's UofT CFA l3 class heshoos heshoos1 year ago