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CFA Hook Up

Topic Started by Replies Activity
CFA Level III DC/Arlington Study Group honeybadger2017 3 VWJETTY1 year ago
Jersey City/New York City CFA Level 2 June 2018 Study Group saurabh10021 saurabh100211 year ago
Level II Study Group in Munich Simplon10 Simplon101 year ago
Make the most of your CFA® Progam prep in one weekend! Join renowned instructors, Peter Olinto, Darren Degraaf & David Hetherington in May for a live, two-day intensive final review class.
whatsapp link to CFA level 3 group roawker 10 roawker1 year ago
Selling 2017 Schweser Books for CFA 1 - NYC seville seville1 year ago
Level 3 study group D.C./Arlington ChengduGirl78 1 LewisDC1 year ago
CFA Level 2 virtual study group Moscow ska-1423 2 Ferel1 year ago
Anyone from Mumbai for CFA Level 3, June 2018 ? Target18months 3 guptachetan06111 year ago
Level 2 - 2018 - San Diego oz1234 oz12341 year ago
Level 3 - NYC - 2018 Coastie Coastie1 year ago
SydneySiderssss December 17 CFA level 1 blov blov1 year ago
December '17 Level 1 - Perth WA Altair Altair1 year ago
Level 1 - Capital Region - Albany and environ gihzo gihzo1 year ago
CFA III 2018 study peers meet up Boston/Newton Boston2018 Boston20181 year ago
Anyone in Denver doing L1 in Dec? pejp pejp1 year ago
Anyone from Bay Area registered for 2017 December Level 1 Exam? zhechen528 zhechen5281 year ago
anyone here are based in Frankfurt and just wrote the level III exam? krone krone1 year ago
Stop your bellyaching! It's time to study L2 with me! (NYC) startuppivot startuppivot1 year ago
Vietnam-HCM CFA Lv 1 Dec-2017 Group Study npthuan npthuan1 year ago
Testing in Sacramento wichertj wichertj1 year ago
CFA Level 1 December 2017 - London UK amzi160586 amzi1605861 year ago
Anybody from Phoenix sss22 5 StallionDis1 year ago
Any L3 takers in Grand Rapids? Rg12 1 analystdude1 year ago
Anyone in Atlanta studying for December Level 1? tonyramirez10494 tonyramirez104941 year ago
Toronto CFA Level 3 2017 Study Group toronto18 toronto181 year ago