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CFA Hook Up

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UAE LEVEL 3? UAECFA 9 Bob7011 years ago
Lv.3 CFA Jun Umair Umair5 years ago
CFA L1 Mumbai Study Group umma_gumma 5 shubh3286 years ago
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NYC Level 2 june UNC Gazza 16 anishcandy11 years ago
Karachi Anyone? LIII June08 unikorn 2 sumz11 years ago
Chicago Level 1 Study Group UtahGetMeTwo UtahGetMeTwo6 years ago
Chicago Level 1 Study Group UtahGetMeTwo UtahGetMeTwo6 years ago
2012 L3 Dallas uptown area uta_quant uta_quant7 years ago
L2 Dallas/Fort Worth TX uta_quant 2 krishh10 years ago
L2 DFW uta_quant 4 uta_quant9 years ago
CFA L3 2015 - Dallas/Fort Worth uta_quant 2 uta_quant5 years ago
Looking for 2010 CFA Level 2 Schweser 3-Day Seminar Slidebook/workbook UWS UWS9 years ago
Original 2009 Schweser CFA Level 1 Material incl Video CDs UWS UWS10 years ago
L2 - Princeton, NJ Area vaish98 vaish988 years ago
Anyone writing Dec/Jun Level 1 in/around,Hartford, CT? vaishyoga vaishyoga9 years ago
Vienna, Austria LVL 2 Exam valiesm valiesm7 years ago
Anyone near Hollywood, FL who is taking the June 2012 Level 1? valtinho 8 DebDan8 years ago
CFA Level I, West of Philadelphia 20 mi ValueInvestor86 ValueInvestor863 years ago
Level 3 : Singapore vandyk30 vandyk3010 years ago
Level 1 Dec 2011 Study Group in Calgary, AB vanessamp 1 econgirl8 years ago
CFA L1 Dec 2014 Edinburgh vankata vankata5 years ago
CFA Level 2 Sofia Bulgaria vankata 2 georgievnikolay4 years ago
Level 2 in Minneapolis/St. Paul varang 2 ditchdigger2CFA11 years ago
Twin Cities L1 varang 2 foxmos11 years ago
Level 1 December '09 from Mumbai any one? varundarji varundarji10 years ago