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IFRS vs GAAP spreadsheet

Pls me too!


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can some one send it to me pls?

pls also to me.

hollar at your boy too

Oh boy! This thread’s back. There was another one which has more than 100 posts on it.

Alright so I believe that this spreadsheet was made by rus1bus who took the exam in June 09. Diligent as he was (and he was bloody smart too), I do not think he could have forseen the changes in IFRS and U.S. GAAP since then.

I know there has been one for sure relating to capitalized interest. So PLEASE make your own notes.

Good luck

Please send the spreadsheet to

Thanks! - pls send thx

band 10, here i come

please send it to me Please!

Please send it to


please send it to me as well, thanks

Could some one send me the IFRS vs. GAAP spreadsheet, which is being referred to in this thread.
I have also made one. But it is not comprehensive enough.
My email id is


Best Regards


is there anyone who is emailing this spreadsheet?. I haven’t gotten any yet.


Omar A. Al Ismail,1059299,page=5

I don’t understand why everyone wants it emailed, theres a LINK here?! is this an older one or something?!! if anyone still has it!

I am looking for this information also. If there is anyone who still has this file I would really apreciate it if you could send it to 

I tried to access the link above but to no avail. 

Thank you!

Please send it to me!!

Thanks in advance!!!

If someone is actually still reading this who has the spreadsheet, I’d love it as well :)