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Are u Losing confidence due to completely relying only on Schweser for the dec 12 L1 exam

Did anyone else who used the Schweser QBank to study feel underprepared? I primarily used Schweser to study for the exam and I feel like I wasted far too many hours by studying Schweser material.
Do post ur views

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I think i was adequately prepared using Schweser and QBank. I also did the EOC from CFAI but apart from that I didn’t touch the CFAI material.

I’m doing L2 now…and i’m starting to think that the Schweser material isn;t enough. Hence I’m looking forward to the results tomorrow and hopefully purchasing the CFA books to crack on with the EOC and BB.

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I pretty much entirely used qbank and the schweser mocks.  Pretty sure I quit doing EOC’s around the 5th SS.  We’ll find out how it turned out, but for what its worth I felt perfectly fine going in..